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Please be advised this site does not sell CBD or THC the examples below are for education purposes only.

Here is an example uptake schedule of combination THC and CBD for suppository use in the treatment of cancer.

Please note this schedule is for uptake phase and may be adjusted once achieved. Due to Rick Simpsons famous 60 grams in 90 days method of treatment, often patients opt to up the THC titrating upward using the three day cycle in the schedule to follow, to 1ml of THC oil for several months. This schedule and other guidance are not meant to constitute medical advice and is rather a user-friendly guide to tolerable and effective uptake of cannabinoids.


CBDTHC * (of the diluted mix)
Rectally1000mg (1ml)1000mg (1ml)

*The THC referred to above is made up of 1/2 pure THC oil, and 1/2 organic virgin olive oil, mixed for ease of making dose liquid and better bio-availability overall.

One ml syringe tubes (without needles) can be ordered at your local chemist, ordered in a box of 100 they will cost you 20 cents each. One tube is used every dose. This ensures the overall hygiene of the process. This also means very little effort and discomfort to the user, as there is no need to mix and make suppositories in moulds or insert fingers to dose.

Taking cannabis oil rectally is good, as it increases bio-availability by up to three times or more over oral use and greatly reduces the psychotropic effects of THC. Many clients do not feel any significant psychotropic or even psycho-active effects from this method. The oils are more bio-available rectally because orally applied cannabinoids undergo the process of first pass digestive destruction which diminishes the amount of intact cannabinoid crossing the blood brain barrier. The psychoactive effects of THC are diminished significantly however because as delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is processed through the liver its main metabolite is 11 hydroxy THC a much more psychotropic substance. When used rectally the liver is bypassed in the processing to a large degree.

You do not have to keep the oils in the fridge unless you are keeping them for some time, in this case you are using them quite quickly. Making doses at room temp will make the oil less viscous thus easier to dose. However keeping oils in dark dry cupboard away from the sun will help keep their stability. Alternately take oil from refrigerator and place in warm water for a minute or two before each use. Many patients do this once and make up all the tubes immediately then refrigerate and take out a day’s doses on the day needed. This is best practice as it gets everything done in the most efficient way putting the oil in to airtight tubes at once with least chance of any contamination despite these oils having long shelf lives at room temp.

To dose easily use bright headlamp or table lamp a light to see what you are doing. Dip the tip in and draw up desired amount. Bear in mind that there is a 0.05ml air bubble created due to plunger not reaching end of tip.

Either compensate with more oil or draw a little up then expel it back in to mix before drawing up again to rid air bubble.

You should run with this for a while and then assess. Tests should be taken before or in early stages of use then on a three monthly basis to determine efficacy.

In addition you would do well to use a vaporizer pen specific for oils or take orally some CBD and some THC if you can afford it and find the effects are well tolerated. In aid of the latter, many patients use some CBD orally with each dose but leave out the THC due to its very high oral psycho-activity . Otherwise you can vaporize dried cannabis and put that into a dry herb vaporizer. It is important though that fungicides and pesticides have not been used in growing it. You should check with whomever you get it from that they know where it comes from. Growing it yourself would be perfect as you then know where it has come from and what has been used in growing it.

Know your medicine and do as much research as possible on this subject through online resources such as and so you can become more powerful in your own healing process. Physically and mentally you will be better prepared to and already helping heal yourself by taking on holistic practices of change in diet, lifestyle, exercise and mental/emotional well-being wherever possible.


1000mg = 1 gram
1 gram = 1 ml
100mg = .1 gram = .1 ml

30 day uptake schedule

Daily doses below – suppositories (can be split into 2 or 3 doses ,morning, day and night)

CBDTHC/Carrier mix *
First three days.1ml.1ml
Next three days.2ml.2ml
Next three days.3ml.3ml
Next three days.4ml.4ml
Next three days.5ml.5ml
Next three days.6ml.6ml
Next three days.7ml.7ml
Next three days.8ml.8ml
Next three days.9ml.9ml
Next three days1ml1ml


This schedule will stabilise you at a daily dose of 1ml CBD oil and .5ml pure THC oil

You will need 16.5ml of CBD oil, 8.25ml of THC oil and 8.25ml of carrier oil (e.g. olive oil) to complete the 30 day uptake schedule. Once the uptake schedule is completed you will continue at the last dosage ie the 1ml per day. So after the uptake has finished you will need 30ml of CBD oil, 15ml of THC oil and 15ml of carrier oil (e.g. olive oil) per 30 days.

You can then take more of the THC if you wish, adjusting it upwards every 3 days in the same increments as shown above.

More CBD is included relative to the amount of THC in the early stages of this process as this mitigates psychoactive effects.

It is worthwhile to take a little by mouth as well so take a few drops of CBD oil two or three times a day with the suppository doses. THC can be added orally if well tolerated for pain, sleep etc, if these are presenting issues.

If you feel effects that are uncomfortable for you, then you can stop increasing doses until comfort returns. Adjust the schedule if need be.

An enema is worthwhile but not mandatory before or in early stages of use to promote bio-availability. Several things can be done to assist in this as well, and if the thought of enemas is too much, then alternately, or as an addendum, take a course of good herbal elimination compounds. You may also use psyllium husk daily 1tbs to promote regularity and cleansing as a mild bulking laxative. This can be mixed in water and drunk once a day in the morning.

If you leave the oils out of fridge or put in hot water for a few minutes they will draw up in to the tube easily.

There is some supporting info on suppository use and relative bio-availability of the three methods of ingestion listed here, suppository, oral and inhaled on .There are innumerable articles online on the benefits of suppository use of a wide range of applied medicines and herbal treatments.