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I want and need to say thank you for your work to help people around the world to ease, heal and improve their specific destiny of pain, sickness and other circumstances.
Myself suffered 6 years with a nerve irritation at my neck and back. It gave me a back pain and attacks some nerves in my ear which came up like a knife thrust. Scaled from 1 – 10 it was a 8 to 10. Days became horrible and nights i had very less sleep. Standard medications did not help, even not the ultra hard ones. 20 and more docs did not find out why i had this nerve irritation. MRT, CT – all had been negative results. So i came back to the weed, but i did not want the high grade of THC and did not want the “High” of sativa, In the internet i found you and your strains and was on fire. Weeks later i was familiar with growing weed and bought my equipment and ordered the Nordle and Shark. 17 weeks later i did vaporize (185 degrees) my first Nordle and after 3 days my neck started to relax and 3 weeks later my pain been downgraded close to a 0 on my scale. The nerve irritation at my back is totally gone and at my neck i have some muscle indurations and pains only a few times a year (!!!). Important was for me to vaporize daily at the evening to build a CBD level. I did stop after the first medication some days and pain came back. So keeping up the CBD level over weeks will help a lot to relax the whole muscle system.
Further we have a cat which has an autoimmune sickness which is located around the ear with a part of open skin, we did gave her just a pinch of finely grounded Nordle oral via the food. After some weeks she was over it – the skin was closed at all. Okay she slept a lot but i think this was not a disadvantage at all :).
Best regards Paul