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I’ve battled severe social anxiety and depression for over 15years. I began using CBD as a tincture and also made some olive oil based pills so I can titrate my dose. I was on six medications (Paxil, Seroquel, Remeron, Neurontin, Vistaril and Valium). My dosages have went from the highest possible to probably 30% of the dosage I used before CBD. My valium seems to rarely get use and I’ve went from 20mg of Valium to genereally 7.5-10mg. I have been on these medications for a very long time with some being used over 10+years. My doctor says I have not looked better, my body weight is up, and I feel wonderful. Symptoms went from being high daily to an occasional bad day every once in a while. I take one CBD Nordle olive oil pill in the morning and afternoon and fall asleep with much greater ease. I want a plant though that is almost all CBD to see if it would work even better. For now CBD is a staple of my medicine cabinet. CBD imho has the potential to calm the mind in ways safer and more effective than traditional meds.