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Cannabis has been used for sleep disorders throughout history and can be a very safe and effective treatment when used correctly.

Cannabis is a complex plant and there are variations in effectiveness between CBD and THC and individuals.

CBD can be a very effective and safe treatment for insomnia and can support your body’s natural sleep cycles. You can also try taking a little less and seeing if that makes any difference. Keep a diary of your dosage regime and make notes of any improvements. Also note your diet, exercise and stress levels – a simple change can also have a massive influence on your Insomnia. By experimentation and adjusting your doses you should be able to find what is giving you the best results.Generally it is simply a matter of finding the dosage that works best for you. About 60% of the population gets good results from CBD. In contrast, the others can experince increased stimulation and restlessness, which can worsen insomnia symptoms.

CBD can take from a few days to a few weeks to take effect, though many people find immediate relief.

THC is often dose-dependent. When using the appropriate dose of THC, specific to the individual, it can be a very effective sleep aid. But chronic high dose consumption of THC can worsen sleep outcomes.

The strain selection is critical when it comes to cannabis for insomnia. Classic Sativa strains often have terpenes that are generally energising and uplifting and inappropriate for sleep however, Indica varieties often have sedating terpenes which are much better for sleep and sleep-related issues.