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By Paul Fassa | Natural News

On Christmas Eve in 2014, two-year-old Rumer Rose Maujean was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma cancer, a rare solid tumor disease that occurs mostly in children under five years of age. Neuroblastoma is a cancer that attacks the nervous system’s channel along the spine.[1]

The doctors at Lady Cliento Children’s Hospital claimed that there was a 50 percent chance of her recovery with conventional therapy, which started with surgery and is continuing with an 8- to 12-month series of chemotherapy treatments. The child’s parents, Adam Koessler and Sacha Maujean, relocated with her from Cairns to Brisbane where the hospital is located.

Rumer’s father and mother are estranged, and Sacha doesn’t agree with what Adam offered as an adjunct to their toddler’s conventional therapy. Adam had decided to find and use medical-grade cannabis to help Rumer Rose recover. Adam claims he was just using high-CBD and low- or no-THC cannabis oil as an adjunct to “increase her chances of survival beyond 50 percent.”[2]

But Adam was surprised beyond what he had expected with Rumer Rose’s improvement from the medical-grade marijuana. He reported on his Facebook page “Fearless Father” that “Her cancer-ridden little body was ALIVE AGAIN” Rumer had almost instant quality of life.

She would say “Daddy, tummy’s NOT SORE.” She would be able to eat like a champion and began to gain weight, her energy was up [and] [h]er skin colour came back, her eyes were sparkling again. Rumer’s delightful behaviour was restored, Adam added.

Consequently, he was reported to the Child Protection Unit and arrested for possessing a “dangerous drug” and supplying it to a minor under 16 years of age. Reports of Adam’s arrest have incited action from Australian medical marijuana advocates and groups.[3]

A family Facebook feud with a baby’s suffering in the balance

But the mother, Sacha, won’t have any of it. She claims that whatever Adam says about cannabis improving Rumer Rose’s condition which forced her to be put under intensive care is “very false.”

“It is true he has been arrested for supplying a dangerous drug to a minor and I support the Child Protection Unit’s decision to arrest him and charge him,” Sacha attested on her GoFundMe page where she is raising funds for flying in family members to visit her daughter.[4]

Meanwhile, Adam was released on bail with the provision that he does not even visit the child. He was scheduled for a hearing on January 20. Meanwhile, Sacha reports on her Facebook page “Rumer’s Recovery”: “Rumer came out of ICU yesterday and is much better! She is sitting up and bossing everybody around again, huge improvement! We are on the right road to recovery.”

Her version of the right road is evidently surgery and chemo, family and clown visits, and toys. One might wonder if Sacha was the one who reported Adam to the Child Protection Unit. A recent Facebook post reported that Rumer Rose’s condition worsened yet again after high-CBD cannabis oil was banned.

There have been anecdotal reports of toddlers’ amazing recoveries from seizures and cancers with cannabis oil[5] and there has also been considerable research[6] to support those experiences for those that need studies to support actual healing events.

So far, Adam has attracted over 16,000 followers and medical marijuana activists who are poised to demonstrate for the legal use of medical marijuana in Australia.