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CBD is great for pets for a number of ailments including anxiety, stress, arthritis, cancer etc, and as with humans, CBD can be very effective in treating seizures.


How to Calculate your Pet’s Dosing


STARTING (low dosage): 0.05 mg/kg / twice daily
MAINTENANCE (medium dosage): 0.25 mg/kg / twice daily
SEVERE (high dosage): 0.50 mg/kg / twice daily
MAXIMUM UPPER DOSE – 1.0 mg/kg/day

Note that the dosage guidelines above are ultra conservative.




Many people are getting great results giving their dogs a drop or two each day of a full spectrum CBD oil (eg 2000mg in 10mls), smaller dogs only requiring 1 drop. The drops can be split between the morning and evening meal, or taken all at once. There is no need to dilute, simply put the drop/s in food.

Please follow the guidelines as below:

For more sever ailments we would suggest starting with 1 drop per day with food and building up to:

1 drop per day for small dogs
2 drops per day for medium dogs
3 drops per day for larger dogs.

See how this goes for a week or so and increase a little more if you are not seeing the results you might expect.

This website has some useful information on CBD for your pets, including dosage and product recommendations