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It is now emerging that CBD helps in fighting bacterial infections. If this is true, CBD may help to stem the tide of antibiotic resistance that is increasingly becoming a concern.

A study published in the Journal Scientific Reports showed that CBD acts as a “helper compound” to enhance the therapeutic effects of antibiotics. In this study, CBD was used alongside the antibiotic Bacitracin to treat gram positive bacteria – staph aureus. The study showed that when CBD was combined with Bacitracin the healing effect was greater. In the study, CBD also reduced the amount of Bacitracin needed to treat the infection.

When CBD, in conjunction with Bacitracin, was given to patients battling staph aureus infection the bacteria stopped multiplying. Additionally, the cell membranes of the bacteria became unstable and weakened.

Apart from CBD, another phytocannabinoid known as CBG has also been shown to have antibacterial effects.